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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special while unpacking all my shit.


The only time a dude can say 3 periods in 60 minutes is a good thing!!!

It’s meeee!  and this is my new wicked tattoo.

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Lol.  Yes.

Lol.  Yes.

If you want to make a difference this holiday...

Julian Assange and Wikileaks…

Didn’t really change anything.  Because the media failed to follow through.  The real rulers of the world failed Julian, they failed us, and they failed the government.  Media just… fails.

THATS MY CAT>  I have said it, now it is so!
(Psssst.  Ash.  Kidnap that cat)

THATS MY CAT>  I have said it, now it is so!

(Psssst.  Ash.  Kidnap that cat)

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Today is GLORIOUS! You see these bright red pants? These are my goal pants. As in the pair of pants that I’ve been working my ass of for the last six months to be able to fit into sans muffin top tummy syndrome. I am officially my dream size, and I am so happy I could die. Fuck yea! Ash von Slasher is back in business baby! Today is GLORIOUS!

 I’m so proud of her!  She set a long term goal and met it within her timeframe allotted!!  Hazzah!!!

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Dead girl

Brittle bones and paper skin,
She’s been forgiven of her sins,
She wouldn’t let anyone in,
Now the decay can begin.

Fingernails grown long and taught,
Cares dismissed without a thought,
For living things she cares naught,
And in a downward turn she’s caught.

Now there’s no hair upon her head,
she’s laying still upon her bed,
Her lungs wont rise and fall with breath,
She fell desperately in love with death.

There’s no gleam in her dull eyes,
And no soft skin between her thighs,
She’s counting down until she dies,
Because when she’s dead…

She feels alive.

-Cody 2011